Cable sata internal/0.2m 33454 lindy

Cable sata internal/0.2m 33454 lindy


0.2m Internal SATA Cable

2×7 pin Latch, 1×90°

– Securely connects a motherboard to an HDD, SSD or optical drive

– Latching connectors ensure a reliable and secure connection to devices

– Supports both latching and standard motherboards and devices

– Compatible with SATA III and backwards compatible with SATA II and I

The Lindy Latching SATA Cable is a high-performance, reliable cable equipped with two locking 7 pin SATA connectors, one is 90° angled. Allowing users to connect motherboards with SATA peripherals such as HDDs, SSDs and optical drives.

Robust latching mechanisms allow this cable to securely connect to motherboards and peripherals which have the compatible latching mechanisms, providing a reliable internal connection. This cable can also be connected to standard motherboards or devices that don’t have a latching mechanism.

With full support for SATA III and backwards compatibility with SATA II and I this cable is designed to work alongside the most modern motherboards and storage devices as well as older peripherals.

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Length 0.2 m | Connectors 7 pin SATA Female / 7 pin SATA Female, 90°angled | Colour Red

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