Case fan 120mm 3-rgb set/tornado cf-3012-rgb chieftec


The new CF-3012-RGB 3-RGB fan set (Tornado) with a multi-functional control board and an RF remote control easily fulfills and surpasses all lighting expectations of a gamer. Thanks to the included multi-functional controller board, the RGB lighting can be controlled either via mainboard +5V LED header or completely independently, without motherboard by switching with corresponding + 5V LED headers. Each fan is equipped with 16 addressable LEDs and allows an almost infinite RGB effect variety which cannot be realised by a simple and conventional +12V RGB lighting. In addition, each fan is furnished with shock-absorbing and anti-vibration rubbers and designed with special shaped fan blades which guarantee a whisper quiet operation. The white fan blades ensure a uniform illumination. All conventional +5V addressable RGB motherboard technologies such as ASUSTM AURA, ASRockTM RGB Sync, MSITM Mystic Light Sync and GigabyteTM RGB FUSION are supported. The multifunctional hub can be connected to a +5V adressable RGB header. It offers 6x 6PIN fan connectors and 2x 3PIN +5V RGB connectors for other peripherals like LED strips or similar. The color modes and fan speed can also be controlled directly via the function buttons on the controller board which is of course compatible with all CHIEFTEC RGB fans.

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Air flow 53 cfm | Noise level, max 16 dB | Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm

Kaal 0.66 kg
Mõõtmed 165 × 130 × 85 cm





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