Case fan 120mm/b2dn-21np2-r2 cooler master

Case fan 120mm/b2dn-21np2-r2 cooler master


Following the popularity of the MasterFan 120 Halo series, Cooler Master has redesigned our Dual Loop LED series fan to introduce the new MasterFan MF120 Halo². The fan blades have been increased by 10% over its predecessor to deliver

better air flow and cooling performance. The frame has been designed with a hybrid frame structure to maintain stability without sacrificing fan operational real estate. The driver IC has been upgraded for increased cooling performance while minimizing fan noise. Cooler Master has maintained the elegant Dual Loop LED design featuring our Addressable Gen 2 RGB lighting to give you the most customizable lighting to fit our design needs.

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MasterFan MF120 Halo² | Number of fans 1 | Air flow 51.88 cfm | Noise level, max 27 dB | Colour Black | Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm

Kaal 0.255 kg
Mõõtmed 380 × 335 × 160 cm






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