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Riing 14 LED RGB 256 Colors High Static Pressure LED Radiator Fan (3 Fan Pack)
The latest Riing RGB Series fan introduced by Thermaltake is a patented circular 256 multi-colored 140mm radiator fan. Users can freely adjust fan speed as well as fan colors by clicking “MODE”, “PLAY/PAUSE”, and “SPEED” button on the fan controller. The fan blades are optimized to enhance static pressure for an impressive cooling performance. Hydraulic bearings for silent operation guarantee ultra-low noise, and the anti-vibration mounting system strengthens the product’s stability during operation. The color and brightness uniformity of the multicolored LED ring is visible from all directions and adds style to the chassis.

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Riing 14 LED RGB Colors (3 Fan Pack) | Air flow 51.15 cfm | Noise level, max 28.1 dB | Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25 mm

Kaal 0.748 kg
Mõõtmed 145 × 84 × 184 cm





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