Case fan 200mm/r4-mfjr-07fk-r1 cooler master


MegaFlow 200 Silent Fan
With the constant development of hardware getting better and better, the energy consumption of your computer rises because you want to get the full performance. Due to this the heat increases and so the requirements of your fan rise as well. To integrate several fans is not the right solution because your computer will get very, very noisy. Bigger fans are the optimal solution for modern high-tech systems. The MegaFlow fan has a diameter of 200mm and so it has a displacement volume of 184 m3/h – twice the volume of 140mm fans.

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Mega Flow 200 | Noise level, max 19 dB | Dimensions 200x200x30mm

Kaal 0.563 kg
Mõõtmed 450 × 330 × 365 cm





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