Case minitower mitx w/o psu/black a21 asus

Case minitower mitx w/o psu/black a21 asus


The ASUS A21 micro-ATX case offers support for 360 mm radiators, and 380 mm graphics card, with two color options and clean cable management.

  • Broad Compatibility: A21 supports up to 360 mm radiators, graphics cards up to 380 mm in length and CPU air coolers up to 165 mm in height.
  • Capable Cooling: The front-panel mesh is 40% porous to maximize the balance of airflow, dust filtering and RGB visibility.
  • Ample cable management: The A21 provides a compartment behind the motherboard that is 33 mm wide to keep your wiring tucked away and tidy.
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A21 | Max. CPU Cooler Height 165mm; Max. GPU Length: 380mm; Max. PSU Length: 210mm | MiniTower | PSU Not included | Dimensions 220x430x465 mm

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