Case|asus|prime ap201|minitower|not included|microatx|miniitx|colour black|primeap201

Case|asus|prime ap201|minitower|not included|microatx|miniitx|colour black|primeap201


The ASUS Prime AP201 is a stylish 33-liter MicroATX case with tool-free side panels and a quasi-filter mesh, with support for 360 mm coolers, graphics cards up to 338 mm long, and standard ATX PSUs. – Quasi-Filter Mesh Panels: A mesh design comprised of over 57,000 precision-machined 1.5mm holes increases airflow and provides a compelling view of the components within your build.
– Optimized for Cooling: With support for 280 and 360mm radiators and up to six fans, the AP201 is primed to deal with the thermal onslaught of high-performance hardware.
– Industry-Leading Spatial Efficiency: Despite a 33L footprint, the AP201 supports ATX PSUs up to 180 mm long, graphics cards up to 338 mm long, custom liquid cooling, and various storage devices.
– Tool-Free Side Panels: A simple yet secure clip mechanism allows chassis side panels to be easily removed and resistant to accidental dislodging.
– Sizeable Cable-Management: The AP201 features an extended motherboard tray with strategically placed cutouts and a 32 mm gap to tuck cables out of sight.
– Front Panel USB Type-C® Support: The front panel of the AP201 features a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, so users can enjoy transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

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Prime AP201 | Max GPU Length 338 mm; PSU Length 140-180 mm | MiniTower | PSU Not included | Top: 3 x 120 mm; 2 x 140 mm, Rear: 1 x 120 mm, Pre-installed Fans (Rear): 1 x 120 mm | Dimensions 205 x 350 x 460 mm

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Mõõtmed 525 × 275 × 445 cm






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