Case|chieftec|hawk al-02b-tg-op|miditower|atx|microatx|miniitx|colour black|al-02b-tg-op

Case|chieftec|hawk al-02b-tg-op|miditower|atx|microatx|miniitx|colour black|al-02b-tg-op


The Chieftec Hawk AL-02B-TG-OP gaming chassis is an elegant and down-to-earth gaming case with a polished aluminum front panel design. The side panel made from tempered glass allows for the built system to be on display beautifully. Dust filters are pre-installed at the front and bottom inlets, ensuring that the system remains dust-free and clean. With all the features a modern gaming chassis needs and a build quality that will impress, the Hawk is the right choice for gamers that prefer an understated design.

– Elegant and sleek aluminum front panel

– Tempered glass side panel

– All dust filters pre-installed

– Easy cable management layout

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Hawk AL-02B-TG-OP | MidiTower | Front: 3x 120mm fans or up to 240mm radiator Rear: 1x 120mm fan or up to 120mm radiator | Dimensions 435 x 200 x 450mm

Kaal 7.2 kg
Mõõtmed 530 × 280 × 520 cm






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