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Compact Mid-Tower with Lighting and Fan Control
We’ve made our iconic H Series PC cases even better. Our new lineup still features the elements builders loved in the original H Series, including our patented cable management system, removable fan/radiator mounting brackets, and easy-to-use drive trays, alongside new updates like a front-panel USB-C connector supporting high-speed USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices, a tempered glass side panel that installs with a single thumbscrew, and an upgraded Smart Device V2 on the H510i.

  • The new Smart Device V2 includes a faster microprocessor for NZXT CAM-powered control of two HUE 2 RGB lighting channels and three fan channels that support either voltage regulated or PWM fans.
  • With a USB 3.1 Gen2-compatible USB-C connector on the front panel, it’s easier than ever to connect smartphones, high-speed external storage, or the latest peripherals to your PC
  • The clean, modern design, iconic cable management bar, and uninterrupted tempered-glass side panel showcase your stunning build.
  • Use the intuitive NZXT CAM application to monitor and control your build, choosing from presets or custom controls for your RGB lighting and fans to create your dream PC.
  • Cable management can often take more time than assembly. We designed a cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps, for intuitive and easy wiring.
  • Two Aer F120mm fans* are included for optimal internal airflow and the front panel and PSU intakes include removable filters. Includes a removeable bracket designed for radiators up to 280mm simplifies the installation of either closed-loop or custom-loop water cooling. *Case version fans and specs vary from retail version
  • Show off your graphic card with a built-in mounting bracket for installing your GPU vertically.
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H510i | MidiTower | PSU Not included | Front: 2 x 120/ 2 x 140mm; Top: 1x 120mm/ 1x 140mm (1 Aer F120 Case Version included); Rear: 1x 120mm (1 Aer F120 Case Version included) | Dimensions 210mm H: 435mm D: 428mm (without feet); 210mm H: 460mm D: 428mm (with feet)

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Mõõtmed 515 × 275 × 500 cm






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