Console acc charging dock/hyperx duo hx-cpdu-c kingston


Keep two DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers simultaneously charged and ready to play with HyperX ChargePlay™ Duo. Always have a second controller ready for long gaming sessions or multiplayer. Connect your PS4  controllers to the EXT port and go from empty to full in two hours. ChargePlay Duo has a weighted base and is built for convenience with a simple, secure click-down docking design and the 3-level battery indicators display the controllers’ charge status at a glance. HyperX ChargePlay Duo comes with a two-year warranty and free tech support.

  • Quickly charges two PS4 controllers via EXT port
  • 3-Level battery indicators display charging status
  • Convenient and secure docking with stable design
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Gaming platform Playstation 4 | Colour Black | Weight 0.285 kg

Kaal 0.69 kg
Mõõtmed 452 × 335 × 222 cm






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