Cpu cooler multi socket/a40 pro antec


Defeat heat created by your processor and allow for improved operation with the A40 PRO by Antec. Designed for compatibility with leading desktop processor sockets, the A40 PRO supports Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme, and AMD™ Sempron, among others. This performance CPU cooler features a whisper-quiet 92 mm LED pulse width modulation (PWM) fan and a large, aluminum heat fin structure with four embedded heat pipes, allowing your CPU to cool off efficiently.

  • STRAIGHT TOUCH TECHNOLOGY: 8 mm Thick Copper Coldplate
  • HIGH STATIC PRESSURE LED FAN: Quiet 92 mm Blue LED Fan (Max 77 CFM)
  • UNIQUE HEATSINK DESIGN: Two-tiered fin structure dissipates heat efficiently, while aluminium oxide coating prevents oxidation
  • BROAD SOCKET COMPATIBILITY: Compatibility with the newest Intel and AMD platforms, and the push-pin mounting system and included gold thermal paste make for a fast, simple installation
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A40 PRO | LGA1150/LGA1151/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1366/LGA775/SAM2/SAM2+/SAM3/SAM3+/SAM4/SFM1/SFM2 | Fan speed 800 – 1.900 RPM | Air flow 77 cfm | Noise level, max 34.5 dB | Weight 0.4 kg

Kaal 0.55 kg
Mõõtmed 150 × 135 × 120 cm





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