Cpu cooler multi socket/lq360pro.argb xc987 xilence

Cpu cooler multi socket/lq360pro.argb xc987 xilence


The all-in-one liquid cooling system LQ360PRO.ARGB is the perfect companion for gaming adventures with the highest performance demands. With a TDP of 350 watts, it's capable of cooling even highly heated CPUs without any loss in performance.

Thanks to the Quick-Mounting-System, installation is easy and fast. It supports all current CPUs from AMD and Intel. The design of the liquid cooling system features an elegant black metallic look.

The square pump head, equipped with a large, powerful copper cooling plate and subtle ARGB lighting, integrates seamlessly and adds a stylish touch. The elegantly sleeved, flexible black hoses can be comfortably routed within the case in any configuration.

The fans of the LQ360PRO.ARGB ensure smooth operation even during intense gaming sessions. Only a barely noticeable whisper of the cooling airflow can be heard.

The embossed logo on the fans complements the metallic look, emphasizing the elegance of the liquid cooling system.

The ARGB lighting of the fans makes the PC shine in the selected colors, captivating with its fluid and vibrant display of colors.

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LQ360PRO.ARGB | Liquid | LGA1151/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1200/LGA1700/LGA2011/LGA2066/SAM4/SAM5 | Fan speed 500-1800rpm | Air flow 77.43 cfm | TDP 350 Watts | Noise level, max 25 dB | Dimensions 397 x 120 x 52mm | Colour Black | Weight 1.853 kg

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Mõõtmed 470 × 225 × 147 cm






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