Cpu cooler s1700/xc232 xilence

Cpu cooler s1700/xc232 xilence


As a addition to the I250PWM model from Xilence, which has been tried and tested for years, comes the I350PWM for the LGA1700 socket for the 12th Intel generation.
With a high air flow and an excellent price-performance ratio, the I350PWM ensures efficient cooling of the powerful 12th Intel generation.
The red 92mm fan is extremely quiet due to hydro bearing and PWM control.
It is also characterized by a secure and stable attachment using a backplate.
With its compact size and 110W TDP performance, it reliably cools up to 12600 non-K processors.

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I350PWM | Air | LGA1700 | Fan speed 800 – 2500rpm | Air flow 42.7 cfm | TDP 110 Watts | Noise level, max 26.4 dB | Weight 0.3 kg

Kaal 0.43 kg
Mõõtmed 105 × 105 × 90 cm





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