Cpu cooler s_multi/mlw-d12m-a20pwr1 cooler master

Cpu cooler s_multi/mlw-d12m-a20pwr1 cooler master


Introducing the MasterLiquid Lite 120With its kink-resistant tubing and matt-black styling, the MasterLiquid Lite 120 is a Cooler Master original design and attractive entry into liquid cooling. Reliability, performance and quiet operation are ensured by its unique Dual Dissipation Pump and 120mm Air Balance fan design. Whether you're building new or just upgrading, it's easy to install on the latest Intel or AMD systems and 120mm radiator fits almost all PC chassis.

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MasterLiquid Lite 120 | LGA1150/LGA1151/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1366/LGA2011/LGA2011-3/LGA775/SAM2/SAM2+/SAM3/SAM3+/SAM4/SFM1/SFM2/SFM2+ | Air flow 66.7 cfm | TDP 180 Watts | Noise level, max 30 dB | Dimensions 62 x 62 x 36.4 mm | Weight 1.3 kg

Kaal 1.41 kg
Mõõtmed 470 × 455 × 460 cm





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