Cpu cooler s_multi/rr-212l-16pw-r1 cooler master

Cpu cooler s_multi/rr-212l-16pw-r1 cooler master


Hyper 212 LED White Edition is equipped with PWM Fan with white LEDs and provides the best airflow and static pressure to take the heat away. And four direct contact heat pipes with funnel shaped aluminum fins provide the optimized CPU coolers for great performance. Moreover, the improved universal bracket designs ensure easy and worry free installation on all platforms.

– Precise Air Flow – Precise stacked fin array decreases airflow resistance which allows for cooler air flow into the heatsink

– Direct Contact Technology – 4 heatpipes with Exclusive Direct Contact Technology providing effective and excellent heat dissipation

– XtraFlo PWM Fans – Come with white LEDs and wide speed range can be fine-tuned for maximum cooling performance or silent operation

– Snap and Play – Intuitive fan bracket design makes upgrading and removing the fan a breeze

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Hyper 212 LED White Edtion | LGA1150/LGA1151/LGA1155/LGA1366/LGA2011/LGA2011-3/LGA2066/SAM2/SAM2+/SAM3/SAM3+/SAM4/SFM1/SFM2/SFM2+ | Fan speed 600-1600 RPM | Air flow 66.3 cfm | Noise level, max 31 dB | Dimensions 120 x 79.5 x 158 mm | Weight 0.755 kg

Kaal 0.97 kg
Mõõtmed 513 × 338 × 260 cm





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