External ssd|intenso|tx500|500gb|usb 3.2|3827450

External ssd|intenso|tx500|500gb|usb 3.2|3827450


Introducing the all-new Intenso External SSD TX500 – where exceptional performance meets rugged elegance for the modern customer. This innovative SSD is designed to elevate your storage experience with its cutting-edge features and unbeatable capacity options. What truly sets it apart is its all-around rubberized surface, providing not just a sleek look, but also durability that ensures your precious data remains protected, no matter where life takes you. Select from an array of capacities, including 500Gb, 1TB and a whopping 2TB to match your ever-expanding storage needs. With the Super Speed USB 3.2 Gen. 2×1 interface, data transfer speeds surge to a remarkable 1000MB/s. Whether you’re an avid gamer craving speed, a content creator working with massive files, or just someone who values swift data access, the TX500 is your trusted companion.

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SSD series TX500 | 500GB | USB 3.2 | Colour Brown

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