External ssd|samsung|t9|2tb|usb 3.2|write speed 1950 mbytes/sec|read speed 2000 mbytes/sec|mu-pg2t0b/eu

External ssd|samsung|t9|2tb|usb 3.2|write speed 1950 mbytes/sec|read speed 2000 mbytes/sec|mu-pg2t0b/eu


Samsung MU-PG2T0B/EU Portable SSD T9 2TB

With USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface and utilizing the NVMe protocol, the T9 can transfer a 2GB file in almost 1 second achieving sequential read/write speeds of up to 2,000 MB/s. Save the loading time and get more done with a compact device that speeds up your workflow and productivity.

Sync your gears seamlessly with T9. The T9 is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android phones and tablets, gaming consoles, 12K camera and more. It also includes a USB-C to C and a USB-C to A cables for smooth connectivity.

Equipped with Samsung's Dynamic Thermal Guard, the T9 minimizes potential performance drop from overheating and sustains fast transfer speeds. What's more, the T9 is designed in compliance with the international safety standard IEC 62368-1, providing an extra layer of reassurance and safety.

Experience peace of mind with T9. Designed to protect data from external shock with drop resistance up to 3-meter, and backed by a reassuring 5-year limited warranty, you can relax and safeguard your valuable assets. The drive can also be secured with an AES 256-bit encrypted password.

Unlock the full power of T9 with Samsung Magician software – a user-friendly suite of optimization tools that ensure the best portable SSD performance. Protect valuable data, monitor drive health, and get the latest firmware updates.

For decades, Samsung’s NAND flash memory has powered groundbreaking technologies that have changed every part of our daily lives. This NAND flash technology also powers our consumer SSDs, making room for the next big push of innovation.

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SSD series T9 | 2TB | USB 3.2 | Write speed 1950 MBytes/sec | Read speed 2000 MBytes/sec | Colour Black

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