External ssd|seagate|1tb|proprietary|stjr1000400

External ssd|seagate|1tb|proprietary|stjr1000400


Expand internal storage. Expand your gaming


Instantly expand the capacity of the most-powerful gaming experience

Xbox has ever created with the Seagate® Storage Expansion Card for

Xbox Series X|S. Effortlessly compatible with the Xbox® Velocity

Architecture, experience the fastest load times and most dynamic worlds

—with improved performance optimized for Xbox Series X games

spanning every Xbox generation. Play at home or take it to a friend’s

house; peak performance is now at your fingertips.

– Built-in partnership with Xbox to seamlessly match the full power of

– both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

– Add 1TB of peak performance storage to your Xbox Series X or

– Xbox Series S without sacrificing performance

– Compatible with the Xbox Velocity Architecture—providing faster

– load times, richer environments, and more immersive gameplay

– Achieve the same performance of the Xbox Velocity Architecture

– when playing games that have been optimized for Xbox Series X

– Quick resume means gamers can switch between multiple titles in

– seconds—from either the internal SSD or the expansion card

– Easily plug in and play, or remove the card and take your games

– with you

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1TB | Form Factor Proprietary | Colour Black

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