External ssd|seagate|1tb|usb 3.0|sthb1000401

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Game Drive for Xbox SSD is Seagate’s premium external solid state drive (SSD), designed with peak gaming performance in mind. Co-branded with Xbox®, this game drive uses external flash SSD storage to accelerate installation and load times for your Xbox One® games.  Game Drive for Xbox SSD also expands your console’s capacity to store even more games and downloadable content.

  • Experience faster boot up and load times with SSD performance
  • Make the most of the easy setup guided by your Xbox One console
  • Take advantage of a lightweight, shock-resistant, and portable drive
  • Get USB 3.0 bus-powered connectivity that doesn’t require a power cable
  • Enjoy a design that complements the look of your Xbox One X
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1TB | USB 3.0 | Colour Black

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Mõõtmed 180 × 100 × 150 cm






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