Gaming chair cobra rgb/black bz5943b bytezone

Gaming chair cobra rgb/black bz5943b bytezone


The Bytezone COBRA gaming chair is a new generation of chair with an extremely durable metal base and an advanced stabilizer, which enables proper posture and sitting while playing your favorite game.

COBRA has built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers that will satisfy even the most demanding gamers. It is made of first-class materials and comes with a headrest and lumbar pillow. The lumbar pillow has a built-in massage system that will provide a truly relaxing evening sitting.

The attractiveness of COBRE will be ensured by the integrated RGB adjustable LED strip with a wide range of lighting modes.


gaming chair

RGB adjustable chair edge lighting (red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise, purple and white + many common color combinations)

the ability to adjust various RGB lighting effects and lighting power

lumbar massage cushion *

neck / head support pillow

Bluetooth speakers *

pull-out footrest

height adjustment

4D armrest (height adjustable / left / right / forward + backward)

adjustable tilt of the back of the chair

material: metal frame / PVC / PU leather

gas spring: Class 3 (100mm, SGS certified )

durable base for stability

number of wheels: 5 ( rubberized )

maximum load capacity of the chair: 120kg

weight: 20kg

color: black


back height: 80cm

back width: 57.50cm

seat width: 38cm

seat depth: 51cm

lowest drop position: 46cm

highest lifting position: 56cm

* massage pad and speakers need power via USB Type-A port. You can connect them to a portable battery (Powerbank, not supplied), your PC / laptop or other power source via a USB Type-A port.

color: black-blue


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Colour Black | Weight 20 kg

Kaal 22.6 kg
Mõõtmed 855 × 650 × 285 cm






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