Hdd|seagate|skyhawk|10tb|sata 3.0|256 mb|7200 rpm|st10000ve001

Hdd|seagate|skyhawk|10tb|sata 3.0|256 mb|7200 rpm|st10000ve001


ImagePerfect AI firmware provides image integrity with zero dropped frames while preserving AI insights in an Edge AI NVR
Tested to support up to 64 HD video camera streams and 32 AI channels simultaneously
Skyhawk AI drives now comes with an increased 5-year warranty
Higher reliability with 2M hours MTBF and a 550TB/year workload rating, 3x that of a standard SkyHawk drive
Built-in RV sensors for vibration tolerance and consistent performance in multi-bay NVR or video cloud server
SkyHawk Health Management actively protects video data with Prevention, Intervention and Recovery recommendations to ensure peak system health
OEM PN: ST10000VE001
Officially supplied by Dahua Technology

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SkyHawk | 10TB | SATA 3.0 | Buffer 256 MB | 7200 rpm

Kaal 0.72 kg
Mõõtmed 150 × 105 × 25 cm





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