Hdd|toshiba|l200|1tb|sata 3.0|128 mb|5400 rpm|2,5″|thickness 7mm|hdwl110uzsva


Toshiba’s 2.5-inch L200 Laptop PC Hard Drive is designed for everyday laptop users and gamers – and it’s ideal for boosting and upgrading the storage capacity of your laptop PC or games console. Toshiba’s Dynamic Cache Technology can further
enhance access performance. 
The L200 puts the renowned durability and reliability of Toshiba technology to work in your notebook or game console.

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L200 | 1TB | SATA 3.0 | Buffer 128 MB | 5400 rpm | 2,5″ | Thickness 7mm

Kaal 0.08 kg
Mõõtmed 100 × 70 × 10 cm



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