Hdd|toshiba|s300|2tb|sata|128 mb|5400 rpm|3,5″|hdwt720uzsva

Hdd|toshiba|s300|2tb|sata|128 mb|5400 rpm|3,5″|hdwt720uzsva


The Toshiba 3.5-inch S300 is built to meet the highest demands. With support for up to 32 high-resolution surveillance video cameras simultaneously and up to 4 TB capacity, it brings everything into clear view. Each S300 is built with the highest-quality components and has passed rigorous tests to ensure 24 x 7 reliability and performance. That’s Toshiba quality you can trust under the harshest working conditions.
Use for:
• Surveillance Digital Video Recorders (sDVR)
• Surveillance Network Video Recorders (sNVR)
• Hybrid sDVR (analog and IP)

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S300 | 2TB | SATA | Buffer 128 MB | 5400 rpm | 3,5″

Kaal 0.75 kg
Mõõtmed 500 × 300 × 210 cm



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