Hdd|toshiba|s300|4tb|sata 3.0|128 mb|5200 rpm|3,5″|hdwt140uzsva

Hdd|toshiba|s300|4tb|sata 3.0|128 mb|5200 rpm|3,5″|hdwt140uzsva


Toshiba’s 3.5-inch S300 Surveillance Hard Drive is designed and tested for 24/7 reliable surveillance, built for speed, capacity, and longer content retention. Capture and analyse every frame from up to 64 video cameras in high resolution with the S300. Space is important to continually capture a history of video evidence over a period of time. With up to 10 TB you get the capacity to record and play back the events in real-time in high resolution and with object identification and face recognition
Use for:
• Surveillance Digital Video Recorders (sDVR)
• Surveillance Network Video Recorders (sNVR)
• Hybrid sDVR (analog and IP)
• RAID Storage Arrays for Surveillance

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S300 | 4TB | SATA 3.0 | Buffer 128 MB | 5200 rpm | 3,5″

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