Headphones le400w/wireless in-ear 73194 lindy

Headphones le400w/wireless in-ear 73194 lindy


LE400W Wireless In-Ear Headphones.

– High Performance In-Ear Audio – Listen to music and movies with deep bass, excellent detail and a balanced soundstage.

– Optimum Fit, Style & Comfort – The LE400W are built to fit great, sound great and look great with a minimalist design, silicone & memory foam earbud options and a stylish wing for securing inside the ear.

– Seamless Control – Voice assistant, volume and various other functions can be easily controlled via simple touches of either earphone.

– True wireless connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0 support with simultaneous transmission provides completely wire free connectivity.

– Fast, long lasting charging – The LE400W can provide around 4 hours of playback, or up to 16 hours when combined with the included charging case.

– Lindy’s guarantee – Our 2-Year warranty is provided for your peace of mind.

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LE400W | Earbud | Bluetooth | Sensitivity 95 dB(a) | Weight 0.008 kg

Kaal 0.13 kg
Mõõtmed 97 × 95 × 41 cm





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