Headset galaxy buds pro/silver sm-r190 samsung

Headset galaxy buds pro/silver sm-r190 samsung


Galaxy Buds Pro

These are true wireless earbuds, with pro-grade technology for immersive sound like never before. While Intelligent ANC lets you seamlessly switch between noise canceling and fully adjustable ambient sound. So let the outside in – or keep it out. It's your world. Galaxy Buds Pro let you hear the best of it.

Active Noise Canceling on Galaxy Buds Pro filters out up to 99% of background noise. Microphones on the inside and outside monitor noise in real time. Choose the ANC level to dial the world up or down with an intelligent algorithm that cancels out the noise: turn it to High on a noisy bus, or use Low in a quiet library – no need to change the volume.

Turn on ANC and Galaxy Buds Pro give you 5 hours of play time with 13 more in the case. That's 18 hours total. When ANC is off, you get 28 hours total, with 8 hours of play time – and 20 more in the case.18 Whether you've got a day full of video conferences, catching up with friends or just jamming to your favorite playlist, Galaxy Buds Pro have the power to keep you connected and listening.

Auto Switch, Bixby voice wake-up, Voice Detect

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Galaxy Buds Pro | Type Noise canceling | Earbud | Bluetooth | Battery Lithium-Ion rechargeable | Included Accessories Charging CaseEartipsCharging Cable | Colour Silver | Weight 0.0512 kg

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Mõõtmed 95 × 85 × 45 cm






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