Headset gxt322b carus/23249 trust


Comfortable meshed ear pads for long and intense gaming sessions 
Adjustable headband and flexible microphone 
On-earcap volume control and microphone mute 
High quality sound with deep bass 
1m Cable for consoles 
1m Extension cable for PC/Laptop

Take your games to the next level with the GXT 322B. This headset is specifically made for PlayStation gaming and brings you great quality sound with a deep bass. Simply plug in the cable and you’re ready to enjoy all your gaming sounds.

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GXT 322B Carus | Type Gaming | Over-the-ear | 1×4-pole 3.5mm | Sensitivity 112 dB(a) | Cord length 1 m | Volume control | Weight 0.325 kg

Kaal 0.725 kg
Mõõtmed 434 × 365 × 282 cm





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