Headset gxt412 celaz/23373 trust

Headset gxt412 celaz/23373 trust


GXT 412 Celaz Multiplatform Gaming Headset

Multiplatform gaming headsetLarge, soft and comfortable over-ear pads

Powerful 50 mm active speaker units

Adjustable metal-reinforced headband and fold-away microphone

Simply plug in the game controller for use on game console

1m braided cable for consoles + 1m braided extension cable for PC/Laptop

The GXT 412 Celaz Multiplatform Gaming Headset is equipped with powerful 50mm active speaker units: every in-game sound detail is transmitted directly. Whether you connect your headset to your PC, laptop or console – you’re on your way to resounding victories!

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CELAZ | Type Gaming | Over-the-ear | 1xStereo jack 3.5mm | 1xMicrophone jack 3.5mm | 1×4-pole 3.5mm | Sensitivity 113 dB(a) | Cord length 1 m | Volume control | Weight 0.239 kg

Kaal 0.446 kg
Mõõtmed 470 × 410 × 580 cm





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