Headset gxt448 nixxo/24030 trust

Headset gxt448 nixxo/24030 trust


– Powerful sound thanks to the 50mm drivers

– LED illuminated sides give this gaming headset a unique look

– Large, soft over-ear cushions will keep you gaming comfortably for hours

– Talk to your teammates through the fold-away and flexible microphone

– Adjust the volume and mute/unmute the microphone with the inline controls

– The 2.3m long braided cable is made of a strong, durable material

– Uses an AUX connection for sound and USB for the LED illumination

– Single 3.5mm plug for laptops; comes with a Y-splitter for PCs that require two separate connections

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Eeldatav kättetoimetamise aeg: 30.05.2024 Tootekood: 24030-1322695 Kategooriad: ,

Type Gaming | Over-the-ear | Sensitivity 112 dB(a) | Volume control | Weight 0.35 kg

Kaal 0.538 kg
Mõõtmed 220 × 205 × 105 cm





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