Headset hyperx cloud earbuds/ii blk 70n24aa hyperx

Headset hyperx cloud earbuds/ii blk 70n24aa hyperx


You don’t have to wear a headset to take your gaming seriously. If you demand quality audio and convenient portability, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds II have got you covered. With 14mm drivers optimized for mobile audio, you’ll have a great listening experience whether you’re gaming, watching videos, or listening to a good audiobook or podcast. 4 sets of redesigned ear tips will help ensure you get the right fit for your ear. The Cloud Earbuds II also feature a low-profile 90° cable to help you avoid snags, as well as a helpful hard carrying case. For busy multitaskers, the built-in microphone allows you quickly swap from mobile gaming to answering phone calls with a touch of the multi-function button. These versatile earbuds are compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck™, and mobile devices that use a 3.5mm connection.

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HyperX Cloud Earbuds II | Type Gaming | Earbud | Sensitivity 105 dB(a) | Colour Black | Weight 0.018 kg

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