Headset in-ear h06/silver ngh06-0s baseus

Headset in-ear h06/silver ngh06-0s baseus


Baseus Encok H06 Earphones – Silver

– Earbuds headphones with three-dimension sound effect

– Always comfortable – Ergonomic design of the headphones is defined by the geometry of the ear which makes them more comfortable than traditional, circular earbuds.

– Three-hole sound – One-side earphone and two leading-tone holes with a tuning hole. High-quality sound with three-dimension effect.

– Noise? What noise? – Reducing ambient noises, sensitively capturing the desirable sound. Clear conversation made possible even in very noisy environment.

– Woven wire – The fabric-wrapped, braided cable protects from scuffs and resists tangles. Also, thanks to the braid, is anti-winding.

– Remote control with microphone – Fast and comfortable music control with hands-free phone calling.

– Gold-plated plug – Gold-plated 3,5 mm professional plug offer wear resistance and oxidation prevention. Also it reduce tone quality loss.

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Encok H06 | 1xHeadphones jack | Sensitivity 105 dB(a) | Cord length 1.2 m | Colour Silver | Weight 0.03 kg

Kaal 0.037 kg
Mõõtmed 103 × 73 × 33 cm






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