Headset mauro usb/17591 trust

Headset mauro usb/17591 trust


– High quality headset with microphone and USB technology for clear digital sound quality
– USB connection for clear and noise free speech during chatting or online gaming sessions
– Comfortable design with adjustable headband and soft ear cushions
– Inline remote control with volume control and mute switch for microphone and headphones
– Simply connect one plug to the USB port of your PC; no need to unplug your speakers
– Microphone can be turned away when listening music
– Ideal for Live Messenger, online gaming sessions, listening to music, chatting and telephony applications such as Skype

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Head-Band | Included Accessories User’s guide | Weight 0.252 kg

Kaal 0.297 kg
Mõõtmed 220 × 65 × 190 cm





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