Joystick acc mfd cougar/2960708 thrustmaster


  • Forget about your keyboard and take control with real flight instruments for even greater realism!
  • The ideal companion for all joysticks and yokes:
  • Compatible with all flight simulation games (military or civil) supporting multi-USB.
  • CD included with Plug & Play presets for "Microsoft® Flight Simulator X" and "Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004". (Your choice of 3 presets: Generic / Light Aviation / Airliner)
  • From the creator of the HOTAS Cougar and T.16000M joysticks!
  • 20 buttons + 4 switches per MFD = 48 programmable controls in total!
  • Multi-position, weighted, non-slip and detachable base.
  • Backlighting for buttons with adjustable intensity (via the software or manually).
  • 2 Plexiglas windows per MFD to insert one of the 3 pre-printed cardboard layouts with presets for "Microsoft® Flight Simulator X" (each cardboard layout corresponds to one of your choice of 3 presets: Generic / Light Aviation / Airliner).
  • 2 programmable LEDs per MFD, to identify the MFD during programming.
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