Joystick hotas warthog flight/stick 2960738 thrustmaster

Joystick hotas warthog flight/stick 2960738 thrustmaster


HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick

Stand-alone HOTAS™ Warthog* joystick, from the creator of the original HOTAS** concept and the worldwide benchmark flight sim controllers: the HOTAS Cougar™ and the HOTAS™ Warthog. The joystick features 19 action buttons, along with a “Point Of View” hat. It provides extreme precision, thanks to the H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology magnetic sensor system it employs: 16-bit precision (65536 x 65536 values), with no gimbals (cardan joints). What's more, pressing on the joystick's buttons and triggers requires pressure identical to that required in an actual airplane – a true first in the world of joysticks. Particular attention has been paid to freedom of use for simmers, with the joystick's handle being detachable, and its base being detachable as well (allowing you to install the joystick in a cockpit).

– Also compatible with the HOTAS Cougar™ (and vice-versa)

– Replica shape of the A-10C flight stick

– Detachable metal plate for desk- or cockpit-style use

– Realistic pressure on buttons and trigger

– 19 action buttons in total + one 8-way “point of view” hat:

– 1 x 8-way “point of view” hat

– 2 x 8-way hats

– 1 x 4-way hat with push button

– 1 x metal dual trigger

– 2 x push buttons

– 2 x pinkie push buttons

– USB connector and upgradeable firmware

– Super-stable, weighted joystick (over 3 kg)

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