Keyboard gaming black eng/vigor gk41 lr us msi

Keyboard gaming black eng/vigor gk41 lr us msi


The VIGOR GK41 utilizes Kailh Red Switches for linear and precise feedback. It offers 6 fixed LED lighting in 10 zones that can toggle to change the mode for over 10 lighting effects. The Kailh Red mechanical switches offer outstanding feedback and a precise feel with a 50gf linear keystroke for every key press. The VIGOR GK41 comes with 6 fixed color LEDs in 10 different lighting zones capable of displaying over 10 lighting effects. The LEDs can be toggled by combination keys on the keyboard or through the MSI Center software. Convenient lighting hotkeys allow you to change speed, direction, and lighting mode with ease. Utilize the Function keys for volume adjustment, media controls, and MSI Afterburner activation. VIGOR GK41 can automatically detect the number of pressed keys and immediately switch to 6 key or N key rollover. Never worry about missing or having unexpected key presses ever again. Up to 3 profiles can be customized according to the user's preference. The customizations include Settings, Lighting Effects, and Macro Keys. Effortlessly switch profiles with ease through MSI Center. Two keyboard feet allow you to set your keyboard at 3 different tilt angles (0°, 3°, or 7°) creating a comfortable wrist position for any gaming session.

Featuring Kailh Red Mechanical Switches

6 fixed color LEDs in 10 different lighting zones

6+N Key Rollover & Anti-ghosting

Hotkeys for Rapid Control

3 Adjustable Keyboard Angles (0°, 3°, or 7°)

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USB 2.0 | ENG | Windows 11 | Windows 10 | Colour Black

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