Keyboard+ mouse gs102 black/mrgs102-uk mediarange

Keyboard+ mouse gs102 black/mrgs102-uk mediarange


MediaRange Gaming Series keyboard and 6-button optical mouse gaming set, QWERTY (UK), black Lightning fast, robust and reliable: Our keyboard and mouse set for every gamer will guide you through your toughest battle. The 104 keys of the membrane keyboard offer you more than 10 million keystrokes and anti-ghosting, and the 6-key rollover function transmits your inputs lightning-fast and precisely. The switchable backlight in rainbow design makes gaming even more fun. No keyboard would be complete without the right mouse!The powerful and highly precise sensor, with up to 2.400 FPS and 48 IPS, gives you the accuracy you need, even with the fastest movements. With the extra-large scroll wheel and additional side buttons, our mouse is ready for any adventure. The DPI button lets you switch from 800 to 2.400 dpi.

Keyboard layout: QWERTY (UK)

Keyboard with 104 keys

Anti-Ghosting with N-Key Rollover (6 keys)

Rainbow Backlight can be switched on and off

Anti-slip rubber feets


with practical height adjustment for excellent comfort

Connection: USB 1.1 Connection cable; 1.5m cable length

Rating: DC 5V – 500mA (max.); USB bus-powered

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Playstation*, XBOX*; Plug & Play

Durability: More than 10.000.000 keystrokes

Color: black

Dimensions: 443 x 189 x 32mm

Weight: ± 670g

6 button gaming mouse:

Back and forth navigation buttons

Adjustable DPI by switch buttons: 800, 1.000, 1.600 and 2.400 dpi

Full RGB backlight color mode

Low-friction teflon feets

Stylish rubber coated surface

Grooved side pads for excellent grip

Ergonomic shape for better handling

USB refresh polling rate: 500 Hz

Tracking speed: 480 IPS

Accelaration: 10 G

Switch life time (left/right): 20 million

Connection: USB 2.0 Connection cable; 1.8m cable length

Rating: DC 5V – 100mA (max.); USB bus-powered

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Playstation*, XBOX*; Plug & Play

Color: black

Dimensions: 122 x 62 x 40mm

Weight: ± 110g*Additional adapter needed, not included

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USB 2.0 | ENG | Mouse included | Optical | 2400 dpi | Number of buttons 6 | Scroll | Windows 11 | Windows 10 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Linux | MacOS | Colour Berry

Kaal 1.04 kg
Mõõtmed 525 × 50 × 210 cm






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