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ODY Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Set

Wireless and silent keyboard and mouse for hours of working comfort

Key features

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse set for an optimised workflow
  • Silent keys and mouse buttons, to prevent disturbing your family or colleagues
  • Full-size keyboard layout with low-profile keys for a soft and comfortable key stroke
  • Quick and easy control via 13 office and media function keys
  • Spill-resistant keyboard design to protect from liquids
  • One USB receiver to connect both keyboard and mouse, storable inside the mouse
  • Mouse with rubber coated sides to provide a firm grip
  • Personalise mouse cursor speed with DPI button
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USB 2.0 | ENG | Mouse included | Optical | Windows 10 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Linux | MacOS | Colour Black

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Mõõtmed 535 × 340 × 325 cm






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