Keyboard usb km-g12 rgb/usan1023049 aukey

Keyboard usb km-g12 rgb/usan1023049 aukey


AUKEY KMG12 Mechanical Keyboard 104key with Gaming Software Brown switches

?RGB Backlight?: KM-G12 comes equipped with 7 colors presets and 12 lighting configuration presets. The G-aim software gives you full access to many other customization options.

?AUKEY Blue Switches?: Characterized by precise tactile feedback & satisfying travel with an audible “click” sound.

?Full N-Key Rollover?: 104-key rollover with anti-ghosting means this keyboard will never miss a single key-press or confuse your commands in any use case scenario.

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USB | ENG | Colour Black

Kaal 1.1 kg
Mõõtmed 455 × 175 × 65 cm




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