Keyboard usb km-g15 rgb/usan1010894 aukey

Keyboard usb km-g15 rgb/usan1010894 aukey


KM-G15 Pink Mechanical Blue Switch Gaming Keyboard
RGB Backlight: Choose from 8 color options and 18 preset lighting effects or customize your own effect
AUKEY Blue Switches: Characterized by precise tactile feedback & satisfying travel with an audible “click” sound
Full N-Key Rollover: 108-key rollover with anti-ghosting means this keyboard will never miss a single key-press or confuse your commands in any use case scenario
Pink Design: Complete your desktop setup with this pink mechanical keyboard—designed for a real pinkaholic
Designed for Work and Productivity: The AUKEY KM-G15 RGB Mechanical Keyboard features AUKEY Blue switches, which have a clear tactile and audible response at the moment of activation. This makes bottoming out keys unnecessary and speeds up typing, compared to the typical membrane and rubber-dome keyboards. The precise tactile feedback and distinct audible “click” sound combine for a whole new level of typing efficiency and satisfaction.
RGB Lighting Effects: Enhance your computer setup with 18 preset lighting effects (such as Breathing, Wave, Color Cycling and more). You can also change the lighting effect direction and speed.

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USB 2.0 | ENG | Colour Pink

Kaal 1.6 kg
Mõõtmed 495 × 195 × 55 cm




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