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Wireless multimedia keyboard with integrated XL touchpad to control your laptop/PC, Smart TV or game console from the comfort of your couch.

  • Multimedia keyboard with integrated XL touchpad for optimal control of your Smart TV, laptop, pc or game console
  • Full size keyboard for quick and comfortable typing
  • Browse the web, post social updates and send emails easily and fast
  • Compact & lightweight, ideal for use in your living room
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems; (tbd)
  • Comfort from your couch; 10 meter wireless range
  • Plug and Play; connect the micro USB receiver and you are good to go
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USB | ENG | Wireless range 10 m | Included Accessories User guide, Micro USB receiver, 2x AAA batteries | Colour Black | Battery AAA x2

Kaal 0.497 kg
Mõõtmed 420 × 300 × 330 cm






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