Lcd monitor|viewsonic|vp2768a|27″|panel ips|2560×1440|16:9|matte|5 ms|swivel|height adjustable|tilt|vp2768a

Lcd monitor|viewsonic|vp2768a|27″|panel ips|2560×1440|16:9|matte|5 ms|swivel|height adjustable|tilt|vp2768a


VP2768a – 27″ Display, IPS Panel, 2560 x 1440 Resolution

The ViewSonic® VP2768a is a 27’’ Quad HD monitor that delivers color accuracy crucial for professional applications. With a sleek frameless design and edge-to-edge SuperClear® IPS panel, this monitor provides an incredible viewing experience ideal for content creation and enterprise workstations. USB-C connectivity helps to simply your workspace by delivering audio, video, data and up to 90W of power delivery over a single universal cable. In addition, DisplayPort out enables seamless daisy chaining to a second monitor. To ensure precise, uniform color, each of our monitors is factory calibrated to deliver an amazing Delta E<2 value for superior color accuracy. An integrated color uniformity function ensures consistent chromaticity across the screen, while a 14-bit 3D look-up table generates a stunningly smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors. Add to that 6-axis color adjustment functionality, and this monitor provides the ultimate color processing capability for professional applications. Hardware calibration is available with the optional ViewSonic Colorbration Kit, which allows you to quickly and easily calibrate the monitor for photography, graphic design, content creation, and other color-critical applications.

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Model VP2768A | 27″ | Panel IPS | Resolution 2560×1440 | Form factor 16:9 | Brightness 350 | Contrast 1000:1 | Display Matte | Response time 5 ms | Horizontal 178 degrees | Vertical 178 degrees | Displayable colours 16.7 million | 2xHDMI | 1xDisplayPort | 1xMini DisplayPort | 2xUSB 3.2 | 1xUSB-C | 1xRJ45 | Swivel | Height adjustable | Tilt | 100 mm x 100 mm | Kensington lock

Kaal 9.6 kg
Mõõtmed 740 × 220 × 420 cm





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