Memory dimm 16gb pc25600 ddr4/kit2 pvsr416g320c6k patriot

Memory dimm 16gb pc25600 ddr4/kit2 pvsr416g320c6k patriot


Our Viper Steel RGB DDR4 memory is designed for extreme performances and paired with stunningly customizable RGB illumination to fit your overall PC setup flawlessly. The Viper Steel RGB memory is created with a custom designed high-performance aluminum heat shield for a luminous sleek presence matching any system. Secure solid steel performance even when using the most demanding applications. The Viper Steel RGB's aluminum heatshield provides supreme heat dissipation to maintain amazing performance.

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Viper Steel | Performance Gaming | DDR4 | Module capacity 8GB | Quantity 2 | 3200 MHz | 288-pin DIMM | CL 16 | Memory timings 16-20-20-40 | Nominal voltage 1.35 V | RGB

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Mõõtmed 180 × 160 × 20 cm





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