Memory dimm 16gb pc28880 kit2/tf4d416g3600hc18jdc01 t-force


TEAM GROUP T-FORCE gaming series once again released the all
new luminous memory module – DELTA RGB. The R on the heat
spreader represents Revolution, and also stands for creative
concept with an uncompromised spirit. The heat spreader is built
with lighter, thinner and high quality metal material. The colorful
light changes make the hollow “R” on the front even more
stereoscopic, and echo the ultra wide angle luminous area. The
extraordinary Revolution will provide players a new experience
never seen before.

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DELTA | Performance Gaming | DDR4 | 8GB | Number of modules 2 | 3600 MHz | 288-pin DIMM | Memory timings 18-22-22-42 | Nominal voltage 1.35 V | RGB | Colour White

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