Memory dimm 32gb ddr5-6000 k2/ax5u6000c3016g-dtlabrbk adata

Memory dimm 32gb ddr5-6000 k2/ax5u6000c3016g-dtlabrbk adata


The LANCER BLADE RGB adopts a low-profile heatsink design, removing height consideration from heatsink assembly, and making the product suitable for installation in small chassis. The heatsink is decorated in simple geometric lines, which are a versatile look when paired with various chassis types. The LANCER BLADE RGB has undergone strict component selection and screening procedures, and passed reliability and compatibility tests. It is strong and durable, offering the highest quality! Users can use RGB software provided by major motherboard manufacturers or use XPG PRIME lighting effect software to freely control RGB effects and link all supported products for a customized light show. The LANCER BLADE RGB supports AMD EXPO and is compatible with the latest AMD platform. It also supports Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking, providing players with excellent overclocking performance.

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XPG LANCER BLADE RGB | Performance Gaming | DDR5 | Module capacity 16GB | Quantity 2 | 6000 MHz | CL 30 | Memory timings 30-40-40 | Nominal voltage 1.35 V | RGB | Colour Black

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Mõõtmed 170 × 141 × 20 cm






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