Memory dimm 32gb pc25600 ddr4/k2 f4-3200c16d-32gvk g.skill

Memory dimm 32gb pc25600 ddr4/k2 f4-3200c16d-32gvk g.skill


Ripjaws V DDR4-3200 CL16-18-18-38 1.35V 32GB (2x16GB)
As the latest addition to the classic Ripjaws family, Ripjaws V series is the newest dual-channel DDR4 memory designed for maximum compatibility and cutting-edge performance with the latest Intel Core processors. Built with the finest components, tested under the most rigorous conditions, and offered in five color options, Ripjaws V is the perfect choice for building a new performance system or for a simple memory upgrade.

The memory kit will boot at the SPD speed when BIOS settings are at default.

If XMP is supported, enable XMP/DOCP/A-XMP profile in the BIOS to reach up to the rated XMP overclock speed of the memory kit.

For XMP-enabled memory kits, reaching the rated XMP overclock speed and system stability depends on the capability of the motherboard & CPU.

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Ripjaws V | Performance Gaming | DDR4 | Module capacity 16GB | Quantity 2 | 3200 MHz | 288-pin DIMM | CL 16 | Nominal voltage 1.35 V | Colour Black

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