Memory dimm 64gb pc28800 ddr4/ax4u360032g18i-dtbkd35g adata

Memory dimm 64gb pc28800 ddr4/ax4u360032g18i-dtbkd35g adata


SPECTRIX D35G's composed and understated triangular outline is specifically designed for gamers with unique personalities. The SPECTRIX D35G boasts a low-profile heatsink that fits perfectly in smaller PC cases and avoids interfering with tower CPU coolers. The SPECTRIX D35G has undergone strict selection and screening procedures, passing reliability and compatibility tests, and delivers a strong and durable product that epitomizes the highest of quality! The SPECTRIX D35G supports RGB software from major motherboard manufacturers to freely express yourself through RGB, is compatible with the latest AMD platforms, and supports Intel XMP 2.0 overclocking, providing gamers with excellent overclocking performance.

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XPG SPECTRIX D35G | Performance Gaming | DDR4 | Module capacity 32GB | Quantity 2 | 3600 MHz | 288-pin DIMM | CL 18 | Memory timings 18-22-22 | Nominal voltage 1.35 V | RGB | Colour Black






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