Microphone gxt 252 emita/21753 trust

Microphone gxt 252 emita/21753 trust


Professional USB studio microphone in flightcase, with high precision cardioid recording pattern; for streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music

Digital USB connection; instantly works on any PC and laptopWarm, rich and clear audio reproduction; for capturing vocals as well as acoustic instrumentsPerfect for podcasts, vlogs, voice-overs, music recording or streaming on YouTube, Twitch and FacebookCardioid recording pattern for high precision recording and clear sound without background noiseComes with durable aluminum flightcase for safe storage and transportIncluding heavy weight metal stand, high-end shock mount and large, double-screen pop filterDetachable 1.8m USB cable

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1xUSB 2.0 | Cord length 1.8 m | Included Accessories shock mount, pop filter, carry case | Weight 0.217 kg

Kaal 2.74 kg
Mõõtmed 270 × 256 × 132 cm





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