Mouse blueth optical anywhere2/black 910-005314 logitech

Mouse blueth optical anywhere2/black 910-005314 logitech


Compact, portable and comfortable, MX Anywhere 2 is the mobile version of the award-winning MX Master Wireless Mouse. MX Anywhere 2 is a high-productivity, wireless mobile mouse that delivers accurate, precise cursor control on virtually any surface, even glass*. Easily connect the mouse with included Pico Unifying receiver or Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology and customize with Logitech Options software. Advanced features include hyper-fast or click-to-click scrolling, Easy-Switch technology, and a rechargeable battery. With the best combination of connectivity, size and comfort, MX Anywhere 2 delivers the flexibility to take anywhere, track anywhere, and Make Things Happen Anywhere.

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Optical | 1000 dpi | Number of buttons 5 | Wireless range 10 m | Bluetooth | Radio Frequence 2,4 GHz | Battery Lithium-Ion polymer rechargeable | Colour Black / Gold | Dimensions 34.4 x 61.6 x 100.3 mm | Weight 0.106 kg

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