Mouse pad km-p2/caan1021921 aukey

Mouse pad km-p2/caan1021921 aukey


KM-P2 Large Gaming Mouse Pad Oversized (800mm x 300mm x 4mm)

– Smooth Surface: High-quality soft cloth for smooth gliding. Perfect for faster movements while maintaining excellent accuracy and control.

– Large Mouse Pad: Measuring 800mm x 300mm x 4mm, this mouse pad covers the area for a keyboard and mouse, providing plenty of room for professional gaming or office work.

– Simple & Durable: No big logo or graphic designs across the pad to distract you during intensive gaming sessions. Precision-stitched edges effectively prevent fraying.

– Non-Slip Rubber Base: The rubber base keeps the mouse pad firmly in place, ensuring stable mouse operation. No more worrying about the mouse pad moving around.

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Mõõtmed 300 × 90 × 90 cm



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