Mouse pad viper led/pv160uxk patriot


The Viper LED Mouse Pad is a perfect compliment to any gaming system and offers gamers the ability to accentuate their desktop with LED lighting.  The mouse pad has a low profile, large format design for continuous movement across the largest high resolution monitors.  The high performance polymer surface provides a durable, smooth surface to maximize the performance of your high end gaming mouse.  The high grip rubber backing covers the entire surface, guaranteeing non-slip performance during intense gaming sessions.  The Viper mouse pad features 6 (six) LED lighting zones that provide continuous backlighting around the entire mouse pad.  Users may select from 6 (six) different LED lighting effects to customize their gaming setup. 
   •Continuous LED backlighting around entire pad
    • 6 (Six) color LED illumination
    • 6 (Six) LED lighting effects
    •High performance rigid polymer surface
    •High grip rubber backing for non-slip performance
    •Low profile, large format, professional design
    •Micro USB connector
    •Braided cord

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Mõõtmed 390 × 320 × 275 cm





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